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ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder

ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder

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    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: GERMANY
    Brand Name: BOLTE
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: ISOFIX

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly, and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing
    Delivery Time: 15 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 30 units per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Welding Range: Ø 2-3 Mm Welding Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
    Welding Sequence: > 30 Welds/min Error Diagnosis Systems: Excess Temperature, Damage On Welding/control Cable
    Weight: 7 Kg Dimensions (W X L X H): 195 X 302 X 270
    Mains Supply: 230 V (115 V), 63 A, 50/60 Hz Mains Fuse External: ≥ 10 AT
    Item Number: B-90-30-2040 Suitable Welding Guns: PIM-1B, PKM-1B
    High Light:

    5VA Temperature Control Instrument


    SMT Temperature Control Instrument


    264VAC Temperature Control Instrument


    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder


    NE-8000 Series intelligent digital display controller (New product in national class)


    General Description
          NE-8000 series digital display controller is an intelligent digiltal display controller with auto-turning function developed by our company. This series of instrument adopts the advanced techniques and crafts of the single chip, SMT surface paste mounting,switch power supply, dual-channel PID auto -turning algorithm, electromagnetism computible design, etc.

    •  Adopting large display screen, the insert depth of the instrument is 105 mm and the size of surface panel meets the criterion of IEC.
    • Adopting the forward-insert assemble structure manufactured by high elasticity, metal shrapnel, replacing instrument is convenient.
    • Adopting SMT technology, switch power supply, dual-channel PID auto-tuning algorithm, electromagnetism compatible design with the combination of hardware and software.
    • Acquire the title of 'National Major-Product in year 2000' gloriously.

    Primary Technical Characteristics


    Input signal


    Resistance themometer sensor:Pt100,Cu50

    Linear signal:0-10mV,0-50mV,0-10mA,4-20mA

    Measurement error ≤±0.5%F.S±1dig
    Control type On-off, time proportional,on-off PID, dual-channel(heating/cooling)on-off PID
    Dead band of theon-off control 0.4~99.9℃
    Range of the P.I.D parameters for user's selecting The proportional band for heating P=0~range of measturement(if P=0, the control is in on-off type) Integrated time I=0-3600s (if I=0,the control is in PD type) The proportional band in cooling side P=10~1000%(Relative to the proportional band in heating side)


    Data tetention time 10 years
    Control output (The maximum number of channels is two:heating and cooling)

    Contacct type:3A/250VAC(for resistance load)
    Level type (for dribing SSR or control logic circuit):12VDC/30mA
    Standard current type:0-10mA (≤1kΩ or 4-20mA(500Ω))

    Alarm output (The maximum number of channels is two) Contact capability 3A/250VAC (for resistance load)
    Power supply 85~264VAC 50~60HZ
    Power consumption ≤5VA
    Anti-disturbance capability ≥3class (IEC-61000-4)
    Usage environment

    Temperature 0~50℃,relative humidity≤85%,
    witheout corrosion and conductive dust.

    Model Series
    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder
    Panel Layout
       1.(PV) Display (red)

    • ​Display measurement value
    • Display variety of prompt symbol according to the instrument status

          2.(SP) Display (green)

    • Display set point
    • Display varietyof parameters according to the instrument status

        3. Indicators

    •  Auto-tuning indicator(AT)(green), twinkle at operating
    • Control output indication (OUT1)(green), bright at operating output
    • Cooling control output indicator (OUT2)(green), lighting operating output
    • Alam output indicator(ALM)(red), lighting operating outpt
    • Twinkle at continuous output in its range (OUT1)(green)

           4. Function

    • Call out, update and confirm the parameters

          5.6. Digit adjusting or auto-turning entering key 

    • Use to adjust digits and enter into the auto-tuning statue       

    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder
                                      Note: Take the suface panel of  ND-80000 model as an example,
                                        it is largely identical but with minor differences for other models.
    Wiring Diagram



    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder






















    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder

    Product application examples

    Food industry


          The application of thermostat in high temperature box furnace

    The temperature control of high temperature box furnace heated by silicon-molybdenum bar is required by the function of electric furnace itself, the programing temperature controller is generally used as the main control instrument. The executing section uses thyristor trigger + thyristor + electric furnace transformer or SCR power controller + electric furnace transformer, high power uses three phases to control. The following is a brief analysis of the single-phase 380V thyristor control circuit using "thyristor trigger + Thyristor + electric furnace transformer" (see Figure 1) in the executing section:


    ISOFIX insulation nails cupped head pin stud welding machine capacitor discharge welder


        It can be seen from the schematic diagram that the program temperature controller receives the signal of thermocouple, and on the other hand outputs a control signal (4~20mA) to the thyristor trigger. The trigger receives the control signal and compares it with the feedback signal (0~5A), then generates the phase-shifting voltage regulating pulse to control thyristor, The SCR controls the voltage of primary side (primary voltage) of the electric furnace transformer, and the secondary side voltage (secondary voltage) of the transformer heats the silicon-molybdenum rods. as the characteristics of the system, we should pay attention to the following points when choosing debugging instrument and thyristor trigger:

    Programing temperature controller:

    1. Does the number of program segments meets the requirements of electric furnace? Are the start-up of measured values and other special requirements needed?
    2. The B grading instrument should be displayed at room temperature (generally between 0~200℃) in order to observe the status of temperature rising during debugging
    3. Does the unit of time (min or SEC) of the program meets the requirements of the electric furnace?
    4. Is the event prompt function needed? (such as a reminder after the heat preservation time end, etc.)
    5. Does the alarm mode and alarm parameter setting meet the requirements of electric furnace?
    6. The controller output shall be 4~20mA continuous signal;
    7. Shanghai Yatai' s NC-8838 and our XMTD-8000P series program temperature controller have the above functions.

    Thyristor trigger:

    1. The input signal of the trigger should be matched with the program temperature controller, which is 4~20mA;
    2. Because the resistivity of silicon-molybdenum rod is very small at room temperature and it will increase rapidly with the temperature increasing, current feedback trigger (0~5A) (namely current control trigger) should be used;
    3. Since the thyristor controls the original side of the furnace transformer (inductive load), the trigger pulse of the trigger should be a phase-shifting trigger pulse with variable pulse width;
    4. The switching of trigger should be smooth between manual and automatic.
    5. When the trigger is powered on again after off, it should be in the state of output shutdown and waiting for manual debugging to ensure there is no impact on the power again after the furnace temperature drops if power off for a long time.
    6. It is better to have safety measures such as stop output when overloading;
    7. our single-phase thyristor trigger NZK – 1L - l failed to meet all the above features, but basically it can be used, except article 6)

    The SCR power controller integrated with trigger and SCR is also the development trend of electric furnace industry application, the company should develop new more powerful SCR and SCR power controller (similar to the shape of frequency converter) as soon as possible.



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